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Joy, freedom, , exploration, self-expression, excitement, and giving are a few of the my feelings and purpose of creating art. Art goes beyond a blank piece of paper and . starts when the idea and desire to create something new becomes an urge that pushes the creativity. Then the dances on the paper.

Check out my BOOK, "Naturally Wild: How to Paint Animals Using Pastels"!  You will see Jesse the giraffe and Sampson the puma in the book.
Other books I have illustrated or have illustrations in include "Dolly the Dolphin with Wings" by Viola Echols, "Always on Target: Adventurous Annie Oakley" by Charlotte Endorf, and "Eliza the Pig" by Alexandra McClanahan.
Please support these authors from Nebraska and Texas!
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People and animals touch my heart. Capturing the heart of the subjects starts with the look in their eyes. The eyes or expressions usually become the focal point of my work. I also enjoy the numerous variations of color, lines, and contrast in . The challenge is to layer the medium to a level that it touches the heart of the viewer.
Purple Cow watercolor and ink 
It would be an honor and a to create a commission piece for you.
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You may and other products with my art on them...websites:

Check out some of my spiritual art. God is so good!

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